Highway Food Joint; rajkot junagadh road
Private Villa; Ahmedabad
House With Multiple Courts; Ahmedabad

The house is divided into separate areas based on activities and privacy requirements. These areas then are carefully organised around different courts. The house looks inwards, has a very private feel to it and all the spaces overlook and benefit from the precious piece of nature that it holds within. The changing seasons, the dawn and the dusk, the rains and the spring are all captured and one lives amidst.

Layered House; Adipur

The idea is to reinterpret traditional houses with verandah, in a modern avatar. Proposed residence sits on a long amalgamated plot posing challenge to design 5 bed room house which is humble & compliments human scale so that the feeling of being connected to all parts is there.

Deep linear verandah on north side brings all living areas together and provide all weather outdoor living space. This verandah becomes a mediator & connector between outdoor and indoor spaces and is the most vibrant & active place of residence.

Building mass is broken into separate segments and then bought together in layers giving it human scale in spite of its size.

Interlocking House; Gandhidham
Container Office Building; Gandhidham
Dream Arise; Ahmedabad
Comfort Inn Hotel; Ahmedabad
Adarsh Hospital, KIRC Campus; Kalol