Food Circle

Blue Zinger: Destination along the route; Near Virpur, Rajkot – Porbandar Highway

When driving from point A to point B, the intermediate stops are barely important and are used for a short duration of time. Breaking away from this notion, the program and design of ‘Food Circle’ encapsulate the idea of creating a ‘destination’ en route NH-8 to demote fatigue driving. It offers a refreshing break for travelers as well as a vibrant hangout space for people living in nearby towns.  

An inclined metal cylinder rises from the ground creating a simple yet striking form. This cylinder is divided into two halves. One half houses an indoor food court whereas the second half is open to sky; where an outdoor seating area gets activated during evenings. A rectilinear transparent block, inserted into the cylinder, houses cafe and restaurant that are independent of the food court. 

This juxtaposition of forms creates a condition that brings variation in spatial quality, light, volume and scale of spaces. This variation opens up possibilities of multiple activities, catering to locals as well as travelers making it a ‘destination’ along the route.


Gomta, Near Virpur, Rajkot – Porbandar Highway, India

Site: 12,000 m2 (129,165 ft2)
Built Up: 3,685 m2 (39,665 ft2)
Food Court: 540 m2 (5,810 ft2)
Outdoor Seating: 582 m2 (6,265 ft2)

Studio Flamebirds