Steps of Knowledge; A New Dimension Architects

Steps Of Knowledge

Community School; Munsiyari, Uttarakhand, India

The intension is to design place based on traditional learning in open, amidst natural environment. Learning space where students’ feel connected to their natural habitat. A place where they love to come, play and learn life skills.

Steps derived from natural contours, descending in east; towards Mountain View brings much needed day light and warmth. A school without boundaries & un-programed spaces which encourages spontaneous, organic & intuitive behavior. Learning happens anywhere (open or closed space) based on time and season. Site can easily be used for various community activities like festivals, meetings, vocational trainings, medical camps etc.

The place is to be made with help of local craft/skills & techniques, using local wood (Banj wood) and stone (Bhatti stone). Class rooms made of wood gives insulation against cold temperature. Rooms have glass ceiling with retractable roof which can be opened or closed based on weather conditions. Slits in wooden wall with pivoting colored panels, allows for cross ventilation and adds to playfulness. Wind mill generated energy will be used for lighting during dark hours.